There are few industries that do not require some type of temperature measurement within their production process. Integrity has worked with clients accross a diverse range of industries and applications for many many years to help them achieve and maintain a successful temperature sensing system.

From heavy-duty industrial thermocouples with protection tubes to quick-response RTDs, Integrity Calibration Services will find or manufacture the right temperature measurement device for your particular application. All you need is to answer a few simple questions from us about your particular process and we will help find a solution or help build a custom thermocouple or rtd sensor assembly that fits your process perfectly.

Integrity Calibration also utilizes the most advanced equipment and experience to calibrate your components to provide low temperature uncertainties. Our temperature calibration services are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and NIST traceable. Our technical staff has over 70 years of experience calibrating temperature devices with uncertainties as low as +-(0.05C).