Autoclaves, Environmental Chambers
Autoclaves must be able to hold a specific temperature and pressure for a specific time in order to ensure that all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores are inactivated. Enviromnental chambers are used at specific temperatures and humidity to test the effects of specified environmental conditions on certain specimins. Both of these devices and applications are very dependent on constant reliable tempurature meaurement.

With the very high temperature and pressure involved in the process of boilers and superheated steam boilers, the risk for accidents and injuries and descruction has historically been very possible. That is why constant temperature monitoring is so key for this application. Reliable and durable boiler temperature sensor assemblies are key to this industry.

Coal Mills
The temperature is measured constantly in a coal mill at the exit to ensure that the coal particles are heated to 100 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the primary air flow is manipulated based on these measurements to keep the process running smoothly. This is why accurate and durable temperature sensors like thermocouples and rtds are so important to the operating efficiency of coal mills.

Engine Monitoring
There are many parts to an engine that require accurate and ver fast temperature measurement to alert the system or user of under or overheating. Exhaust gas temperatures, cylinder head temperatures, oil temperature, outside air temperature, and coolant temprature are just a few of the engine processes that require constant measurement and monitoring from a reliable calibrated temperature sensor assembly.

Heat Exchangers
From air cooled heat exchangers to liquid cooled heat exchangers like a shell & tube heat exchanger, these systems rely heavily on accurate fast measurements of temperature, so it is necessary for the heat exchanger temperature sensor to be operating at peak performance and that it be calibrated to the correct uncertainty for its application.

Heat Treating
Temperature sensors and their ability to be accurate and durable under very high temperature environments are critical in the heat treating industry. Integrity understands this and offers a wide range of temperature sensors and thermocouples that can be assembled to fit almost any application that conform to the heat treating furnace standard AMS 2750D.

Industrial Ovens
Batch ovens, curing ovens, drying ovens, heat treating ovens, lab ovens. They all have one thing in common. Temperature measurement is so very important that it is very accurate and reliable under very high temperature environments. Integrity understands this and offers a wide range of temperature sensors, rtds, and thermocouples for sale that can be assembled to fit almost any application that meet or exceed standard furnace certifications. As a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab, we also test and calibrate all temperature sensors for these varying types of indusrial ovens to make sure they are calibrated to the degree of uncertanty necessary for your application.

Metal Recycling, Aluminum Smelting
Temperature measurement is a key facet of the aluminum smelting and aluminum recycling and metal recycling process in general. Liquid metal is very corrosive and the majority of the equipment that comes in contact with it has a significantly reduced operational life. So the thermocouple temperature sensors used in this industry need to have very strong protective coatings and protection tubes to ensure your sensors last longer.

For plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, blow molding and other industrial plastics production, Integrity Calibration Services sells and calibrates temperature sensors for almost any application. Most of these temperature sensors are built for direct immersion into injection molding or extrusion processes. The temperature of plastic injection nozzles, tubes or pipes can also be measured with specific rtds and thermocouple temperature sensors.

Smokestack Scrubbers, Baghouse Applications
Temperature plays an important part of any smokestack system. When it comes to the smokestack itself, a smokestack scrubber, or a smokestack baghouse, the temperature revolving around each of these applications is something that needs to be monitored by temperature sensors reliably and continuously in a high temperature environment.